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Shine Communication is dedicated to help you bring the value of your assets to life through engaging creative that captures your audiences' hearts and minds.

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, our skills encompass Advertising, Branding, Digital, Graphic Design, Marketing Communications, Packaging and POS Communication. We have a proven track record working with both consumer and professional B2B audiences.
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About us

We are a dynamic team of creative and marketing professionals who have a passion for what we do. We look at every brief as a new adventure, a new opportunity to test our talent. Our mantra is simple: you and your products are at the centre stage and we are there to help you shine.

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Shine is committed to bringing the right blend of strategic thinking and creative talent to each project. We begin every new mission by immersing ourselves into your reality, by determining what moves your audiences, what makes you and your project distinctive and ultimately what tools & creative are most appropriate to deliver on your objectives.

Whether you are working with a Consumer, Professional or Corporate audience, visit our galleries to get a flavour for our work.


Make it distinctive, engage and be relevant, ensure brand integrity, develop a hook, build a story, make it stand out, keep it simple, we want it to be ‘wow’... these are deliverables our clients ask of us everyday. This is what you can expect from Shine.

La Loterie Romande

We have partnered with the Loterie Romande since 2008 to create engaging game environments and create awareness for their new product offerings

Shine has developed more than 60 scratch tickets, creating new brands and playing universes. We have also developed numerous POS campaigns and more than 15 consumer campaigns including print and TV.

Watch the Paradiso video     Watch the Rento video


Shine was mandated to help re-position the Butty brand, building on its Swiss heritage

We partnered with the Butty marketing team to establish the brand’s pillars and the desired brand experience. We designed the brand’s new iconic logo. We activated the brand through new packaging, print advertising and POS material.

Le Pie

Shine joined forces with House of Foods in 2013, to promote LePie specialty foods on the Swiss market.

We developed a 360°support package starting from the definition of the brand’s strategic assets (visual vocabulary and key messages) and then activated the brand creating packaging, sales and consumer print material, POS communication, outdoor sales material.


Shine has partnered with Swisslos since 2011 in the development of engaging scratch ticket brands and game environments.

Shine has designed more than 30 ticket brands and game universes and has developed more than 15 POS campaigns to raise awareness and purchase of these new games.

Thai Kitchen

Our collaboration with TK started in 2005 with packaging work. Since then, we have helped bring this authentic Thai Food brand to life.

Shine has renovated the TK logo as well as its entire packaging range. We continue to provide support in consumer promotions, print advertising and POS communication.

Nestlé Baby Cereals

Since 2009, Shine has been working with both the Global and the Swiss Infant Cereal teams to bring new products and health professional campaigns to life.

Shine has worked on 4 global initiatives and has developed more than 20 packs and BTL communication for the Swiss Market. Shown here is packaging for a new premium range of Infant Cereals.


Shine helped Sturdrinks launch its new range of water enhancers on the European market. Our collaboration started in 2012 and is ongoing.

We partnered with Sturdrinks to develop new packaging, consumer sampling and print material, POS communication, print campaign and sales detailers.


Shine helped Igennus Healthcare Nutrition, the UK's leading specialists in omega-3 science, launch the MindCare range in 2014. We partnered with the Igennus marketing team to establish the brand’s pillars and visual vocabulary. We designed the brand’s new logo. We activated the brand through new packaging, POS material, consumer communication and sales detailers.

Our collaboration with Igennus extends beyond the MindCare range. Since 2011, Shine has been helping Igennus with packaging, consumer and corporate communication.


Engaging a professional audience requires deep understanding of the market context, challenges and opportunities. We are committed to partnering with our clients to develop distinctive, single minded communication strategies and tools, built on solid value propositions and customer relevant frameworks.


Shine collaborated with the CHUV’s HR Department to promote the CHUV’s image and its relationship with current and future employees.

We developed an aspirational print campaign & event material capturing the essence of what it means to work at the CHUV. We also developed material to welcome new employees.

Nescafé Algeria

Since 2010 Shine has been collaborating with Nestlé Professional to bring the Nescafé Alegria brand to life among both internal and external professional audiences.

We have activated the brand, building on Nestlé’s brand framework. Shine has created multiple machine and coffee packaging, event material, POS material and sales material.

Nescafé Milano

Since 2009 Shine has been helping Nestlé Professional activate the Milano brand, developing material destined for a professional audience but often ultimately applied within a consumer context.

Resulting is a targeted blend of B2B and consumer communication spanning from beverage machine branding, coffee packaging, beverage menus, POS material, event material and numerous selling tools.

Nestlé Nutrition

Shine has been collaborating with the Global Infant Cereal team since 2009 in the development of communication for Health Care Professionals.

We created a series of impactful campaigns crafting key visuals, key messages and smashable iconic visuals that have been activated globally. Included are print material and digital sales materials.


Shine helped Orsco, new Medtech consulting company present itself on the Swiss market.

We developed its corporate identity and activated it through the development of a web site, designing key visuals and key messages to recruit new clients and support business development.


Shine partnered with Lagam SA in the launch of its new TotalCare technology.

We developed a complete B2B communication package, including a web site, print and event material, a PowerPoint presentation and an animated slide show.

Gene Signal

Shine has been collaborated with Gene Signal since 2008, helping the company promote its corporate image, science and product development.

We created a brand design vocabulary and developed numerous B2B tools starting from a web site, event material, PowerPoint presentations, Newsletters and medical drawings.


Since 2010, Shine has been collaborating with the Cereal Partners Worldwide's Nutrition Department, helping them communicate with Health Professionals

Shine has developed event material, brochures, Newsletters and lately blogging material to communicate about the health benefits of breakfast and cereals.


Whether you are trying to capture the attention of an internal audience or present your corporate entity to the public, your approach must resonate with your audience. Your value proposition must be translated into a compelling visual environment. Key messages must be translated into motivating narratives. This is what we do. This is how we can help you shine.

General Mills

Shine collaborated with General Mills to develop engaging corporate communication. We developed program identities and memorable collateral material to motivate employees and support the company’s key message.

Romande Energie

For four years, Shine partnered with Romande Energie to help the company bring its corporate newspaper to life.

Mérite sportif vaudois

Shine was mandated by the Ville de Lausanne to uplift the image of the Merite Sportif Vaudois, a prestigious cantonal sports prize.

We re-designed the event’s identity and developed a compelling visual vocabulary to bring added value to the brand and the event. We simplified the messaging and made it more accessible. Activation included flyers, posters and a web site.

Nestlé Professional

For years, Shine has been helping the Nestlé Beverage Centre communicate with internal and external audiences. Our partnership initially focused on developing material to promote the Centre’s value among internal stakeholders. Today we continue supporting The Beverage Centre through internal digital communications, events and new product support.

Nescafé Algeria

Shine collaborated with Alegria to develop an engaging exhibition space to bring the Alegria experience to life to internal audiences and customers alike.

We designed, built and installed a branded exhibition space that attractively featured Alegria coffee machines, vending machines, products and accessories. We also developed branding guidelines for Alegria’s AVM machines.


Shine partnered with CPW to develop a series of communications to bring the company culture to life and communicate best practices with employees. Included were numerous electronic tools.

Nestlé More

Shine has helped Nestlé Nutrition promote many internal marketing driven initiatives. Shown here is a toolkit to promote new product development opportunities among internal stakeholders.

Project Pride

Shine has supported Nestlé in the promotion of multiple initiatives targeting diverse corporate audiences. Shown here is a toolkit to diffuse a new campaign.


We are a small company working for big names. We work hard to establish long term partnerships with our clients and consider ourselves part of their team. Our collaboration often extends over hundreds of projects. We know that loyalty is based on trust, and trust can’t be bought. It is earned.


Shine brings you a full set of competencies and skills through a dynamic team with synergistic ties to a comprehensive network of professionals. Our network allows us to:

  • Complete our creative skills, in the area of programming, video and 3D imaging.

  • Strengthen our industry skills in the area of healthcare and technology.

  • Extend our services downstream, through our extensive contacts in the area of production.

  • The team

    Benoît Bornand
    Principal / Creative Director
    Sarah Baldwin
    Principal / Communication Director
    Mark Stanley
    Art Director
    Boris Marchand
    Senior Conceptual Designer
    Sophie Davitti-Pizzatti
    Senior Designer
    Ludovic Fivaz
    Graphic Designer / Social Media Manager

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